Save the date for the next Political Awareness webinar on Saturday 24th April from 2pm to 5pm.

Here are brief outlines of the 2 break-out rooms:

1. Brexit: The Aftermath:
"Get Brexit done!" Remember that 2019 election slogan? Well, the Prime Minister has got Brexit done. The UK finally left the European Union on 1 January this year. But the road ahead looks bumpy for the relationship between the UK and the EU. So, what does Brexit mean in practice - for you, your family and business? What would it mean for the education of your children? The presentation and discussions in this break-out room will cover these issues.

2. Life after Covid-19: Will anything ever be the same again?
Thankfully, all indications are that the Covid-19 pandemic is winding down, and that life may return to normal again. But will anything ever be the same again? Or are we entering into an era of "new normal"? This seminar will explore many aspects of life after Covid-19: education, employment, mental health, digitisation, social and family life etc. If you want to be part of this conversation, opt for this break-out room.

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