As we return to some sort of normalcy, we can see a turning of a new page in the lives of many, around the globe.

For many, the coming days and weeks are the beginning of a milestone, where adulthood begins in earnest, and university and higher education beckons.

For our students, the last 18 months and more has been a very unstable and unsettling time. Teaching, revision and exams have been done in new ways and the course of many people’s lives have changed unexpectedly.

With all the uncertainty, one thing remains certain… time doesn’t stop for anyone!

Come and join the Impact team to learn how to go, grow, and thrive at university; with life lessons like managing stress, finances and setting goals.

You’re promised a dynamic and interactive virtual session where we will answer your questions and much more!

So, see you on the 19th September at 3pm on Zoom. You’ll not want to miss this!