My testimony came before we even started Deeper & Higher, our yearly period of prayer and fasting. I had wanted a breakthrough in my job situation, and my husband and I discussed all sorts of options- we had a plan A, B, C and D. We spoke on a Wednesday and decided to add this need to our prayer list for June. I walked into my office the very next day, and was offered a promotion with a pay rise and an assistant!!! Talk about a GREAT GOD!!!

The experience reminded me that the Lord knows ALL our needs and He is always working on our behalf. What He did was better than all our plans combined! This also made me think of Isaiah 65: 24b (NLT) which says, “while they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!”  He is indeed an awesome God! #Won’tHeDoIt!

– Ekaete

Permanent Job!

I got a permanent role where I never expected I would!

I was employed on an eight-week contract in March, and for some reason (which I believe is the Grace of God), my manager really liked me. In fact, she expressed hope that I would stay on as a permanent staff. As God would have it, the establishment decided to expand the department I was contracting with, and my contract role was advertised as a permanent position. I applied for the position, went through the assessments and interview process, and thankfully, I was selected!

Just before I was to sign the contract for the permanent position and send it back to HR, I decided to pay my tithe by bank transfer to the Church. As I normally would, I prayed and declared Malachi 3: 10 while sending it. Within seconds, one of my admin colleagues came to me and we randomly started talking about the salary offer. That was how I found out that I had been offered a lower amount than what was obtainable. She encouraged me to ask for a raise before signing the contract and I did. It was refused at first, but I kept on believing and praying. Soon after that, my manager told me that the raise had been approved! Glory to God!

– Danielle

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