We are now at the start of another new year, and most people will have made resolutions to be different or to change certain things in their lives. Some of the goals people aim for include career development, financial profit, family milestones, body enhancement, educational attainment or even better time management. In reality, however, many of these resolutions or goals may not be accomplished, even though they may be realistic and achievable.

Sometimes such achievable resolutions are un-achieved, because we approach them and the New Year with the same mind-set we had in the previous year. If we seek to make positive changes, and if we desire to have a year that is remarkably fulfilling, it must start with a New You. This means that something has to change within you; and this change is not physical, so Botox or facial reconstruction will not suffice. Jokes aside, the change we need is spiritual and psychological transformation, which only God can give.

The Bible admonishes that we should not be conformed to this world, but rather, be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12: 2). This means that in order to embrace the opportunities we will meet in the New Year, we must each make a conscious decision to do away with old, unproductive attitudes. In their place, we need to consciously embrace a new attitude and posture. In other words, we must determine in our hearts not to dwell on the pain and failures of the past, because doing so keeps us trapped and unable to enjoy or experience the future.

Becoming the “New You” requires taking the time to reflect on yourself as an individual, and being honest with yourself about your setbacks, in order to break the bad habits that have held you back. The process can be uncomfortable, but the fruits will be worth the pain that you endure. Most importantly, becoming the “New You” involves keeping your eyes on Jesus, because as you behold Him, you will be transformed into greater levels of glory. In essence, as we behold Him, we become like Him!

In this New Year, I challenge you to embrace the “New You”, with a positive attitude and a posture that is continually focused on the Lord Jesus.

By Eunice Alloh

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