Christine Nakirya is the pioneering Pastor of New Wine Church, Kampala, Uganda.  A church planted in 2017.

Christine received Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour in 1972 at 12 years old during the Pentecostal revival in schools but her Christian walk was weak until 2000 when she re-dedicated her life to Christ. In 2003 whilst asleep in a dream she was baptized in the Holy Spirit and woke up speaking in tongues.

Christine’s defining spiritual moments include when she prayed for her Headmistress who was a practicing Catholic for healing and she got healed and when  Jesus Christ revealed Himself in a dream, held her right hand and walked with her to the top of a hill with a Bible and gave her Psalms 27.

Christine has been involved in mission work and teaching the Word and has been used specifically to revive Churches.

Christine was married to the late Rev. Michael Owen Wright.  She is a mother and grandmother.  She is blessed with 8 children.

Her overwhelming passion is for the seed of God to be passed onto the next generation. Her vision is to equip people to raise up the young Christian generation, to build schools and churches and to promote Christian education.