1. When Do We Have Our Church Online Services?

Friday Prayer Meeting:             7.00PM – 8.30PM

Friday Night Vigil:                    10.00PM – 1.00AM (First Friday of each Month)

Sunday Service:                      10.00AM – 11.15AM

Wednesday Cell Group:             7.00PM – 8.30PM

(Phone 020 88 555 888 for information on Cell Groups nearest you).


  1. How Do I Connect With The Online Services?

Please connect via the following link:


You can also enjoy the services on our Social Media Platforms:

Facebook Page:           @newwinelondon

YouTube Channel:        @newwineChurchLondon


  1. What is the New Wine Volunteer Corps?

The Volunteer Corps comprises members of New Wine Church who have volunteered to help serve the most vulnerable in the Local Community during the period of the lockdown.

The services they deliver include:

  • Providing food to the homeless.
  • Delivering food and medicines to people who are housebound
  • Serving at one of the local foodbanks within the Royal Borough of Greenwich


  1. How Can I Join the New Wine Volunteer Corps?

Please register at nwwn.click/nwccorps

We look forward to your joining us in sharing God’s love with the most vulnerable in our community in this season.  


  1. What Support Is Available?

The following types of support are available to you:

  • Prayer support.
  • General enquiries relating to life events e.g. childbirth, baby dedications, feeling unwell etc.
  • Someone to talk to about any anxieties you have about the COVID-19 situation.
  • Advice on how to cope more effectively with the lockdown.
  • Also, if you are within the category of people classified by the government as most vulnerable, the services offered by the Volunteer Corps are available to you.


  1. How Do I Access Support?

Please contact us via the following channels and we will be happy to provide support as best as we can.

Webform:          Click Here

Telephone:         +44(0)20 88 555 888

Email:                [email protected]

   7. Does the government have any support scheme for the public during this period?

Yes, please find below a link to the various list of websites with various Government support schemes during this lockdown period. Click here to find out more.