The New Wine Membership Classes is moving online and we would like to invite you to join in, if you would like to join the membership of the house.

Besides giving you a spiritual home heritage, some of the benefits of becoming a member of New Wine includes a membership record:

  1. This helps with our various administrative procedures and archives.
  2. It facilitates the smooth processing of official documents such as Children’s school references, employment application references and more.
  3. It aids getting in touch with you on special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries and much more.

New Wine Membership is also a requisite to joining one of the various teams in church.

The date for the next set of Membership classes will be announced in due course. Kindly be on the lookout for this. Please, note that you will also be required to attend a telephone interview before the classes.

You can register your interest to formally become a member by completing the Membership form using the button below.  We will get back to you once we receive your form to give you all other necessary details about the classes and the interview.

Membership Application Form