What six letter word carries so much weight; can heal, save, and restore, as the word family?

This not only speaks of our biological relatives and closest friends, but it also speaks about the church. As the body of Christ, we are family, but how many of us walk in that reality? This is why the apt and timely theme for this year’s family convention is: ‘Church as Family’. All members of the international body of New Wine Church are cordially invited to this year’s Family Convention. With services in English, French, Bulgarian and Sign Language, everyone is catered to.

This power-packed month, dedicated to the family, will start on Sunday 10th October, and end on Sunday 31st October. This is both in-person and online, so if you are unable to attend physically, there are arrangements for you.

New Wine Family Convention 2021: Church as Family. You do not want to miss it!