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The Political Awareness and Mobilisation Seminar helps to give spiritual meaning to politics and understand why Christians should be more interested and engaged in it, not least because there are consequences whether they do or not.

Come and learn how political decisions that affect you in everyday life such as education, health, business, finances, etc. are made. You will also learn how to increase your political awareness, engagement and participation.

You will be equipped with knowledge on policy and legislative processes and how to build alliances within the political arena in order to influence decision-making.

Experienced politicians and representatives from Christian political organisations will share their experiences and insights to help you dispel apathy towards politics because everyone’s participation counts.

Areas covered include:

• The spiritual context of politics
• What is politics? Politics in everyday life
• Christianity and the Seven Mountains of Culture
• The origin of government and how government works
• How to monitor policy and legislative proposals before they fully develop
• How to work with policy makers and respond to government consultations
• How to persuade and influence Councillors, MPs and Ministers effectively
• Coalition-building: how to develop critical masses by identifying and working with like-minded pressure groups
• The use of evidence and analysis to influence policy and legislative developments
• Lobbying and Politics
• The role of the media and how to use them to achieve your lobbying objectives
• Taking concrete action

Our first seminar was held on Saturday, 9 March 2019. Participants left several positive reviews showing how inspiring and educative the seminar was. Here is our gallery of photos.

Registration is now open for the free Political Awareness and Mobilisation Seminar which will hold on Saturday, 14 September 2019 from 10am–4pm. Please, kindly register below.

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