The aim of the teachings on political awareness is to provide basic information that gives spiritual meaning to why Christians should be more interested and engaged in politics, not least because there are consequences whether they do or not.
Learn how political decisions that affect you in everyday life such as education, health, business, finances, etc. are made, and how to increase your political awareness, engagement and participation.

Topics include:

Session 1: Spiritual context – From Divine Government to Human Government
Session 2: What is Politics? Politics and everyday life
Session 3: Christianity and The 7 Mountains of Culture
Session 4: Political and Policy Processes: The origin of Government and How Government Works
Session 5: Experiences of Christian Politicians
Session 6: Taking Concrete Action

Our first Political Awareness seminar was held on Saturday, 9 March 2019. Please click here to view our gallery of photos.

The next Political Awareness seminar will be combined with Political Mobilisation and held on Saturday, 14 September from 10am–4pm. Please kindly register below.