And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him. Luke 2: 40 (NKJV)

This year, our Church family is focussing on the theme of growth. God is intentional about this theme, for when He speaks and gives us a charge, His grace and power are at work to perform it. God is a God of purpose and order, and He declares the end of a thing before it even begins. When He speaks a Word, He has something specific in mind, but some believers may miss out on what God is doing because they may be lackadaisical about God’s Word. They may not take God’s Word seriously or hide it in their hearts.

It is important for us to approach God’s Word with expectation in our hearts, because expectations are the breeding ground for miracles! Expectations inspire us to push through obstacles. In the Gospel story, the woman with the issue of blood had an expectation that made her push through the crowd to receive her healing. In fact, Blind Bartimaeus and most of the people who had encounters with Jesus in the Gospels, had expectations that ushered in their miracles.

God desires for each of us to grow in every area of our lives. No matter what age or stage we are in, our current levels are the least that God wants for us. In fact, God programmed growth in our very essence (Genesis 1:28). We see this same intention in the parable of the talents, where the Master was looking for evidence of growth from His servants (Matthew 25:20-21). All believers long for commendation from the Father, but we must realise that in this parable, commendation came after the servants had demonstrated growth and fruitfulness. On our part, we must deliberately seek to grow (1 Peter2:2) and to be fruitful with whatever the Lord has placed in our care. We grow by focussing on the Word, because growth, as well as God’s blessings are released through His Word.

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