Who has believed (trusted in, relied upon, and clung to) our message [of that which was revealed to us]? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been disclosed? Isaiah 53: 1 (AMPC)

In our Scripture reading, prophet Isaiah asks two prophetic but rhetorical questions. Earlier in this series, we had learned that the second question about the “Arm of the Lord”, referred to God’s presence, power, wisdom, protection and judgment. Studying the first question today, it is clear that God has a report and a perspective that we need to believe.

The two key words in the first part of this verse are: “to believe” and “report”. Whether or not we are aware of it, all humans are agents of some report or another. Our lives transmit information and tell a report, whether or not we acknowledge it. If we are curious as to what sort of report our lives have been giving, the answer may be in another question: “what have we been believing…?” To believe is to have confidence in the truth, existence or reliability of something, even without absolute proof. This is why Jesus pronounced a blessing on those who would believe in Him after His physical departure from earth (John 20: 29). To believe also means to take God at His Word and trust Him. The foundation of belief in God is confidence and trust in His character.

God speaks to His children through His Word in corporate settings like Church, and also in private moments, but the imperative is on us to accept and believe what He says. Unfortunately, there are many unbelieving Christians, who do not take God at His Word, because they focus on negative reports from all sorts of media and human experiences (Numbers13: 30- 33), instead of focusing on the positive report in God’s Word.

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