Maximising Life Through Our Communion with God 2

“Now this is eternal life: that they know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent.” John 17: 3 (NIV)

Throughout the Bible, we see that God’s original intention was to have communion with humankind. From creation, Genesis shows us that God would appear to Adam at a certain time in the day to fellowship with him. Even though Adam and Eve eventually fell foul of God’s standard, God set a redemption plan in place so that He would continue to have communion with humankind through Jesus. The patriarchs in the Old Testament prioritised their relationship with God, because they perceived Him as their Source. God is still the Source of life and all blessings, and when we acknowledge our dependence on Him, we will prioritise our communion with Him.

In Jesus’ prayer in John 17, we see through God’s perspective, how God has placed us in Christ. In God’s reality, our fellowship with Christ is an abiding fellowship, His Word and promises are firm and eternal, and God regulates us through the Holy Spirit. In this reality, Jesus’ death produced eternal life for all who believe in Him. This life that God has given us is not merely eternal, it is prosperous, death defying and theft-defying (John 10: 10). The reality is that regardless of our challenges, God is always with us. Therefore, we must be conscious of His presence and commune with Him through prayer and studying the Bible.

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